Elk Hunting In Wyoming Some Of The Best In The West

Wyoming Elk

Wyoming Hunters Harvested The Second Highest Number Of Elk In Recent History

Wyoming Game & Fish

Mar 28, 2017: Cheyenne – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department forecasted that the 2016 hunting season would be a good year for high hunter success, and that prediction rang true last fall. Wyoming hunters harvested the second-highest number of elk in recent history.

“A mild winter in 2015 and good  moisture during the growing season bolstered plant growth providing great habitat for Wyoming’s wildlife,” said Doug Brimeyer, Game and Fish deputy chief of wildlife “The 2016-17 winter had localized impacts on some elk herds but overall elk numbers remain very strong statewide and hunters can expect another exceptional hunting season this fall.”

During the 2016 elk season, hunters reported 44.5% success with a total of 25,852 elk taken. Bull harvest was the highest within the last ten years among both resident and non-resident hunters.

“The last few years have seen hunter success levels continue to be at or among the highest in the west,” said Brimeyer. “This years harvest survey is further evidence that Wyoming is a great destination for hunting because of the quality hunting experience our state offers.”

Wyoming Bull Elk
Wyoming Bull Elk

Harvest reports for all species for 2016 are available on the Harvest Report web page and on the Hunt Planner. Harvest reports are detailed to the area, sex, and age class for each species, and can be useful for hunters planning their 2017 hunts. Game and Fish thanks hunters who returned their harvest surveys.

Game and Fish personnel are available to assist anyone with questions about these reports or questions about hunting in the fall. Deadlines for resident elk, deer, and antelope and non-resident deer and antelope are May 31. Contact a regional office or call the Sportsperson Hotline at (307) 777-4600.

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Born in Toledo, Ohio circa 1950. I was the oldest of four children and had the good fortune to be inquisitive about wildlife and specifically rabbits and pheasants that were abundant in the area that I was raised in. With later moves to Michigan, I found that exploring the great outdoors was just a short bike ride away and I invested in a Havahart trap at age 11. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels and possum became the choice of prey and that stayed my mainstay until college. I knew that elk were abundant and of trophy class in Arizona so it sealed the deal for relocating here. Since 1986 I have spent as much time as possible learning about elk and trying to become a better hunter.

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