Killing The Tradition of Hunting

Hunters Contribute Yearly

Since The Dawn of Man, Hunting Was Not Just a Way of Life, But a Means to Survive

Custer Drops a BearUntil the 40’s, if you didn’t kill, you didn’t eat.  Putting meat on the table wasn’t all that easy and Millennial’s today just don’t understand that it was a way of life at one time.  For the outdoor enthusiast today, it still is a means to put meat on the table.

The markets of yesteryear soon gave way to the supermarket of today but it does not change the methods of producing meat for the table.  You still have to kill cows and steers to put meat on the table and burgers from McDonalds.  That’s called “fast food” because it’s faster than hunting and prepping wild animals.

From the 19th to 20th centuries, you didn’t throw anything away from a kill.  From steaks to sausage to the skins, all parts were used.  If you couldn’t use it, you sold it!  But along came the Sierra Club and a multitude of NGO’s (including the Defenders of Wildlife) that followed crying foul!

Hunting is In Our Blood

Hunting 1800s
Hunting 1800s

If you’ve never hunted, you’ll have no clue to the reference.  But for a lot of Americans growing up it was a way of life.  The majority of outdoorsmen were farmers living off their land and for farmers there can be lean years which meant supplementing their income by hunting food for the family.  Owning a firearm during the early years meant survival and although they may have been used for defense on occasion, the primary use was for meat on the table.

Because of the synergy of the hunt, families were always included to increase the chances of a kill.  Often it included close friends and neighbors.  A day in the field meant kindred spirit and interactions that confers “tradition”.  There are many traditions in the United States.  Hunting is a huge tradition.

In today’s environment, it’s unlikely that a lot of parents don’t teach their kids right from wrong nor do they involve their kids in family events to build character and propagate traditions.  For the hunting community, teaching your children the value of the hunt builds family unity and brings the family closer together.  A scarcity in today’s world.

NGO's Pulling at Heart Strings
NGO’s Pulling at Heart Strings

Killing Wild Animals is Wrong

It’s mind boggling to look at a list of NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) which not all are left wing environmentalists, but the majority are “defenders of wildlife” in one way or another.  From the Sierra Club to today, you have to ask “why do they exist”?

To some extent it’s reasonable to protect our lands and wildlife but why the extremism?  Why do these green groups push so hard to “have it all”?  The answer is that they have found a way to get rich and the mission has gone from protection to wealth.

How To Sell An Emotional Concept

You see it every day on TV, movies, Twitter, Facebook and on your phone with images that touch your emotions to get you to donate to their cause, regardless of the cause.  You have seen these and we are constantly bombarded with “just $19.95 a month”.  Basic sales 101 is that people buy (whether a product or idea) on emotion first then rationalize that decision with logic. People want to feel good and not be educated or lectured to, so if we make them feel good first, they will listen to be educated next.  In other words, they get your money then you find out where it goes.

Stuffed Animals Are The Perfect Gift at Christmas

Fuzzy Grizzly BearThe sales tactics continue at holiday time and none bigger than Christmas.  There’s no doubt these super soft, cuddly, huggable and adorable stuffed replica’s pull at heart strings to generate donations while getting your email address.  The idea that they “protect wildlife” may or may not be true but the fact is they use your money any way they want.  Generally this is to splatter unsubstantiated law suits to cause chaos on the other side.

If You Stop Donating, The Problem Disappears

A Perfect Lesson In Saving Wild Animals Without Green Organizations

Learning how to hunt
Learning how to hunt

In the 1800’s America almost lost the Bison (Buffalo) when the last know herd totaled about 25 animals.  The recovery of the Buffalo occurred by individuals and states that spent years nurturing this small heard to perpetuate the Buffalo across this country.  They’ve come back and will continue to increase without donations.

This lesson transcends to the ridiculous intervention into a multitude of wild animals by NGO’s.  From wolves to sage grouse to wild cats, the message is the same as long as you keep donating.  Traditions don’t die easily.  The left is moving to change, among others, Christmas, Easter and the 4th of July.  Hunting is a tradition that will always be around because we have guns.

Hunters and Fishermen Are Involved

Teaching Kids to Hunt
Teaching Kids to Hunt

There are those that don’t care about wildlife resources.  That’s why for the majority of states have game officials that go after poachers who violate the law.  For the vast majority of outdoorsmen, time, money and energy is spent maintaining the population of wild animals and fish so hunting and fishing traditions can continue.  That’s why state game and fish departments have rules and regulations that outdoorsmen abide by.  There are hunting organizations that take donations to be involved in projects that help wildlife populations continue to survive.  To stabilize the populations of wildlife, NGO’S like the Sierra Club or Defenders of Wildlife, need to turn their attention to human population growth and immigration reform as the encroachment of human settlements is the culprit.

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