2017 Arizona Border Security Review

Don and USBP Agents

Why SRT Stays On Top Of Border Statistics

…It’s typically very hot in Southern Arizona and it’s not a lot of fun walking with the border agents as they perform their job.  We were there for 3 trips in 2017, they are there every day.  But tracking statistics is important in terms of trends and for SRT Outdoors, the impact of Illegals and drug mules takes its toll on the environment.  The numbers on this page tell you “why” they keep trying and by far the biggest problem is DRUGS.

2017 Summary

Riding with the U.S. Border Patrol

The Ride-Along with BPAjo and Nogales, AZ – To be invited to ride with the US Border Patrol and AZ Fish & Game is a special privilege.  Of the three trips Shake, Rattle & Troll has made, we were advised from the onset that there was always the possibility of two things, that we could encounter immigrants, illegal or otherwise and if required as support for an arrest, we would be support for the arresting crew (back up).

The focus of our invitations to ride along with the Border Patrol and Game & Fish was to see firsthand the reality of what is required to secure our borders and to ascertain the issues they face with immigrants but more so the relationship between agents and hunters in these southern sectors.  By the end of the day, we developed a great relationship with the Agents who allowed us to “ride along”.

Meeting with Park Service
Meeting with Park Service

Don McDowell, Doug Stricker and Cat Thor represented not just the hunters and outdoorsmen of Arizona, but the general public as well along with the many visitors of Organ Pipe Cactus National Park and Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge, both visited by millions of Americans each year and although we think we know the reality of this area and presume the border is a stronghold, it is not as you would think.  For up close and personal, to touch the fence itself and witness the life of a Border Patrol agent is definitely a reality check.  Between the Border Patrol and the National Park Service agents, visitation by the general public along with hunters and fishermen has increased over the years and generally, they rarely have encounters with immigrants or drug mules.

What Do I Do If I Encounter Illegals?

Be Smart in the DesertCall 911 First.  That will ensure an immediate response to the situation and deploy the proper and closest LEO agency to render assistance to you. If you see something, say something. The days of don’t ask don’t tell have long since expired. Report immediately what you see to the appropriate agency, report, illegal’s to the USBP, game violations to OGT . Do not engage yourself, report it. Most of us have GPS devices or on our phones, way points are always good, road numbers and approximate distance from known landmarks. Take note of how many persons involved, clothing descriptions, height, weight etc., vehicle information if involved and direction of travel. If there’s any doubt in your mind what you’re encountering or who to call, call 911. Don’t risk it!

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Don McDowell, Arizona native, is an avid outdoorsman and has been an active bass pro fisherman for over 16 years and in the past 15 years has developed his own radio show promoting bass fishing and conservation efforts for bass fishing that escalated to nominations with several bass groups and organizations. In the past 12 years, Don has pursued his conservation agenda through AZBFN-TBF as Conservation Director and with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, in the spring of 2014 redesigned his website to include those efforts highlighted below and has increased the AZGFD exposure, public education of the AZGFD and Commission issues on his radio show and website soliciting local and national support for Arizona. 2014 has seen the founding of SRT Outdoors, Inc., 501 C3 organization, “Not for Profit, for Conservation” which is concentrating on grants for mitigating the effects of Gizzard Shad on Roosevelt lake thorough habitat enhancement, Florida Strain Bass stocking, lakes bottom mapping, etc. and feral hog research.

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