Arizona Border Patrol for 2017

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The statistics shown are for Arizona to inform hunters, fishermen and the general public of the seriousness of the problem that exists and the danger that can ensue if folks encounter any illegal’s.

The majority of the reported numbers we show are from illegal’s attempting to cross the border at ports of entry, but not all and that’s where technology plays a major roll.
2017 Year end Summary
Although stealth is a key element in apprehending immigrants, technology plays a huge role in catching not just illegal immigrants, but the Drug Mules as well.  These runners pay a high price if they fail anywhere along the line.  Upon delivering their back pack (marijuana) weighing 40lbs or more to locations (unspecified) they can be paid from $1,800 to $2,100 for their work.

The return trip to Mexico ensues but the threat of capture is never over by the Border Patrol.  What looms over the heads of these mules are the “Rip Crews” along the way on the U.S. side that rob the mules of their stash before they unload it at the drop point, and on the return, robbed of their money.  In some cases, their families are threatened by the drug cartel should they fail along this arduous journey so the mules go to great lengths to avoid being seen or found.

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