Clintongate – Government Corruption is now a Fact of Life

Corruption definition: Dishonest or Fraudulent Conduct by Those in Power, Typically Involving Bribery

Trump vs Clinton2016 was a year that all Americans will not forget.  History will show that it was the year that Hillary Clinton “almost became President of the United States”.  Her campaigns, and a lot of folks in Washington, were sure she was a shoe-in.  But there were those in government that made plans just in case Donald Trump won.

The Clinton cover up is not hard to understand.  Complicated for sure but the story of the Clinton’s has that hint of “deceit”, the taste of “lies” and the feeling of “corruption”.  Why was almost half the country willing to put her in office?

There are only two reasons for seeking out the Presidency of the United States.  You’re either a Patriot or you want power or you want both.  There are few that fall under the patriot flag as most just want power.  None more willing to sacrifice our country for power than the Clinton’s as they went from one fiasco to another.  Finally, Bill made it and the person that was the most thrilled over this was Hillary.  Hillary wears the pants in that family, and still does, so it’s easy to see why Billy was looking elsewhere for romance.  Their relationship was not intimate, it was for power and the Presidency gave Billy that opportunity.  Hillary just looked the other way and to explain the power they had, she defended him.  However, on the campaign trail Hillary applauded women who came forward to charge their abusers.  You know, the double standard thing.

The More You Have, the More You Control

The infiltration of Corruption in Government
The infiltration of Corruption in Government

What was it that the Clinton’s had that garnished millions to follow them in 2016?  That’s one for the history books that doesn’t seem to have an answer.  The 2012 election of Obama should have taught Hillary a lesson but it didn’t.  The Clinton’s missed the opportunity by forgetting the mid section of the country.  Nonetheless, Hillary was not one to mess with behind the camera.  The Whitehouse staff during Bill’s administration and her campaign staff knew she was not approachable.  There was a political price to pay if you butted heads with Hillary.  In front of the camera, she promised whatever it took to be elected and as her time as Secretary of State would show, she couldn’t deliver.  It was all show and fanfare.

Bill ClintonThis is all self-evident when you understand the power she had over the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ and finally, the Obama Administration including President Obama.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that the actions by Obama were all his own.  Review the debates between Hillary and Trump to see just how shaken she was to a person that basically said to her, “you are not important”.  Her campaign speeches echoed clearly “I’m not as bad as you think”.  But she was.

Hillary and Bill are toxic and over them always is this shroud of cover up.  But the more we see the more we begin to understand the foothold she had on various government departments and those high up in those departments.

The Clearest Example of the Abuse of Power

James Comey
James Comey

Nothing in the Clinton past compares to the controversy over James Comey’s comments at his hearing and the subsequent changes to that testimony.  In that testimony he admitted that Hillary Clinton showed “Gross Negligence” during the email scandal of secret documents.  Then a day later changed it to “Extreme Carelessness”.  There is a HUGE difference between these two statements.  Gross Negligence is a treasonable act whereas Extreme Carelessness is a slap on the wrist.

The correction from one to the other came from Peter Strzok, a behind the scenes FBI agent who was running the show for Hillary at the FBI.  His political views and subsequent intervention kept Hillary Clinton in the race.  That is why he changed the comment to Extreme Carelessness.

Not Telling the Truth Does Make a Difference

Hillary - What Difference
Hillary – What Difference

We are a long ways away before all of this corruption comes to light and people are prosecuted.  Stated here is just the tip of the iceberg and I predict the Democratic Party will fall flat on its face.  Why?  No respectable democrat would even think to run for the office of President just because of the backlash from “Clintongate”.  The implications of this are far reaching and will hang onto Washington for decades to come.  There is a chance, because of all the corruption in government that even the Republican Party will fail.

The future of our country depends on patriots, both democrat and republican, to stand up to the tyranny of government overreach.  It requires us to speak up for what’s right and defend our constitution against evil.  Otherwise, we lose the freedoms we so dearly love.

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