Rep Paul Gosar on the Record with Shake Rattle and Troll

Mar 4 2018 Paul Gosar

Guns, Lions, Horses and Burros, oh my!

Gosar, Paul FOf the political representatives in House and Senate there are few that have the common sense and patriotic vision like Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona.  Periodically a guest on the Shake, Rattle and Troll radio show with Host Don McDowell and Co-host John Koleszar, the show on March 4 was of particular interest for not just the staff of SRT, but for the American public as well.

Currently the chair for the Western Caucus, Rep. Paul Gosar is a representative for every American and not just those in District 8 of Arizona; he speaks for all who follow and uphold the constitution.  With some reservation, he speaks his mind just as Don McDowell does, so we know what we hear is what he says to anyone who asks.

CCW Safe LogoOn the show of March 4, we heard Congressman Gosar’s response to several subjects that included Clean, Drain & Dry, the 2nd Amendment, Buffalo in the Grand Canyon, the quandary of Feral Burros and Horses, the destruction of the desert southwest because of illegal immigrants and much, much more.

Representative Gosar is a class act because he’s straight forward and treats you fair, will listen to both sides and back your position if he agrees.  And, by the way, you couldn’t have a better friend representing you.

The Voice of the 2nd Amendment

In this segment, Gosar supports new technologies that stop the efforts of would-be killers; questions the arrogance of those who don’t know there facts and the effort to “hold those accountable”.  Who will define who is or is not qualified to own a gun?  The impact of social media and the fact there are no consequences for actions.  (Facebook now deploying an app for 5-8 year olds)  That once you get the facts, things dramatically change.

A Policy of Clean Drain and Dry That Makes Sense

The efforts to push a uniform Clean, Drain and Dry program across the United States is not working.  Why?  The reorganization of the DOI is the primary effort now that Zinke is in charge.  Rep. Gosar believes this will take place.  Gosar agrees on “one size fits all concept” but thinks there are exceptions on resources.

The Elimination of GC Buffalo and Burro and Horse Issues

Sharp shooters are not getting hired for Buffalo management.  Allow the local hunters to perform this service as opposed to hiring experts by the National Park Service.  The feral Burros and Horses in Arizona is not just a problem in Arizona.  Now costing the taxpayers $80M a year.  If there are animals that are not part of the natural wildlife, there is only one solution.  Zoo’s continue to import wild animal meat to feed meat eaters within the Zoo.  Promises to have this conversation.

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Don McDowell, Arizona native, is an avid outdoorsman and has been an active bass pro fisherman for over 16 years and in the past 15 years has developed his own radio show promoting bass fishing and conservation efforts for bass fishing that escalated to nominations with several bass groups and organizations. In the past 12 years, Don has pursued his conservation agenda through AZBFN-TBF as Conservation Director and with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, in the spring of 2014 redesigned his website to include those efforts highlighted below and has increased the AZGFD exposure, public education of the AZGFD and Commission issues on his radio show and website soliciting local and national support for Arizona. 2014 has seen the founding of SRT Outdoors, Inc., 501 C3 organization, “Not for Profit, for Conservation” which is concentrating on grants for mitigating the effects of Gizzard Shad on Roosevelt lake thorough habitat enhancement, Florida Strain Bass stocking, lakes bottom mapping, etc. and feral hog research.

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