YETI is Back Peddling Over Decision to Cut Ties With NRA

Shake, Rattle & Troll Boycotts Companies That Abandon the 2nd Amendment

second-amendment-right-to-bear-arms-pin-silverMajor companies with ties to the National Rifle Association suddenly shed ties to the pro-gun-rights interest group amid intense scrutiny over the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

The breakups were swift amid a billowing cloud of scrutiny on social media, where countless users threatened to boycott companies that maintained a relationship with the NRA.

YETI, a very expensive cooler, has had great success since its inception over 10 years ago.  A great product used by professional Bass Fisherman and Hunters alike.  Millions of outdoorsmen have purchased their line of equipment.

Why Teenagers Walkout All Over the Country

All of this started after the Parkland, FL shooting and the subsequent walkouts and rallies by teenagers across the country.  Why would high school students decide to walk?  More importantly, who’s behind these students including any funding required?

Naming names really doesn’t impact anyone on the left or anyone on the fence.  The effort is to bring down the 1st and 2nd amendments by the democratic left and anyone associated with the extreme left.  You see this interference in the news and on television every day.  “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth” and this is true for those born after 1980 for they have not been taught the purpose of the constitution.  They don’t understand it so their only defense is to shout you down.

12 Cooler Comparison Test

We’re Losing the Youth to the Left Wing Lies

Twitter United AirlinesOur youth is not being taught at home why America is America and the reason the founding institutions and laws that have kept it that way.  Dads are not taking sons and daughters hunting or fishing and all moms want is for all her kids to be treated fair.  You know, everyone gets a trophy for just showing up.  Add to that the crap our youth gets from iPhone’s and the internet.  It’s called brainwashing and even if you parents don’t see it that way, it’s coming to your front porch.

What Are the Unattended Consequences of Not Supporting the 2nd Amendment?

Twitter DeltaIt’s 25 years from today and the Democrats have the Whitehouse back but in those 25 years the House and Senate are ready to Amend the Constitution.  If the patriots of this country have not stood up to the left, then they are now going to totally lose free speech and all their weapons will be confiscated.

In that 25 years, we opened our borders and now offer free medical and education to even non-citizens (immigrants).  It apparently is now the right thing to do but we’re not sure who’s going to pay for all this government support….Oh, yea, it’s YOU!

During all of this the list of companies that DO NOT support the ownership of guns are doing so to maintain their customer base, i.e., those born after 1980.  The Baby Boomers are fading fast so why would you support something that the majority doesn’t want?  Don’t you want your sales to soar?  It’s no longer about Patriotism; it’s about the almighty Dollar and trust us, they don’t care about the constitution either.

The left Wing Movement Didn’t Start in 2018

No, it began in the 1800’s growing slowly over the years to where we are today.  Rules for Radicals and with the George Soros bank account, your kids and grandkids will deal with a chaotic mess.

While FedEx refused to cut off the NRA, other major companies are still under pressure, as well. Amazon, Google and Apple have taken heat from celebrity critics, who called for the company to stop offering an NRA video channel through streaming services.


SRT Boycotts These Retailers
SRT Boycotts These Retailers

Here’s the list of companies that have dropped NRA deals:

Delta Air Lines: Delta axed discounted rates for NRA members.

United Airlines: United ended an offer of discounted flights for NRA members traveling to their annual meeting.

Enterprise Holdings: The parent company of car rental brands Enterprise, Alamo and National is ending discount deals with the NRA within a few weeks.

Hertz: Like Enterprise, car rental company Hertz is ending discounts to NRA members.

Avis and Budget: The Company that owns the Avis and Budget rental car firms also plans to end discounts for NRA members.

Symantec: The cyber security company’s Life Lock identity theft protection service for businesses and its Norton anti-virus software had both offered discounts to NRA members. Those deals are off.

TrueCar: The online car-buying service is ending its deal for NRA members, who previously saved an average of nearly $3,400 off the retail price of new and used vehicles.

MetLife: The insurer had offered discounts to NRA members on auto and home policies before axing the deal.

SimpliSafe: The home security company had offered a special promotion to NRA members, but that ended Friday.

First National Bank of Omaha: The financial institution cut an NRA-branded Visa credit card.

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Don McDowell, Arizona native, is an avid outdoorsman and has been an active bass pro fisherman for over 16 years and in the past 15 years has developed his own radio show promoting bass fishing and conservation efforts for bass fishing that escalated to nominations with several bass groups and organizations. In the past 12 years, Don has pursued his conservation agenda through AZBFN-TBF as Conservation Director and with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, in the spring of 2014 redesigned his website to include those efforts highlighted below and has increased the AZGFD exposure, public education of the AZGFD and Commission issues on his radio show and website soliciting local and national support for Arizona. 2014 has seen the founding of SRT Outdoors, Inc., 501 C3 organization, “Not for Profit, for Conservation” which is concentrating on grants for mitigating the effects of Gizzard Shad on Roosevelt lake thorough habitat enhancement, Florida Strain Bass stocking, lakes bottom mapping, etc. and feral hog research.

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