Patagonia Arizona Doesn’t Want a Border Wall

The CBD Uses Patagonia to Solicit Donations

CBD TweetThe Town of Patagonia is appropriately proud of its history and distinctive character. The community is quirky and they like it that way. Visitors tell them that Patagonia’s unique spirit is easily perceived and is their reason to stay or to return. Situated at over 4,000 feet elevation between the Santa Rita Mountains and the Patagonia Mountains in the riparian corridor of Sonoita Creek, Patagonia is spectacularly rich in both natural and human assets.

Patagonia boasts a population of 920 residents and is located 19 miles from the Arizona / Mexico border via route 82.  On April 25 the City Council votes to support a “No Border Wall” position.


The day after this vote, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) posts a twitter link with content that would suggest that this is a big deal.  But in the subsequent article on the CBD website, there is absolutely no mention of this vote in Patagonia.  We emphatically disagree with the following statement because Shake, Rattle & Troll has been to the Border on 3 occasions with the 4th scheduled for the first part of May.  (Article to be posted)

Now Donald Trump wants a wall across the entire 2,000-mile border. Trump’s wall would harm border communities, perpetuate human suffering, destroy thousands of acres of habitat and halt the cross-border migration of dozens of animal species.

Trash on Arizona Border
Trash on Arizona Border

This article sublimely wants you to know that:

1) it’s filed lawsuits to stop the border wall and
2) Hey, how about donating to the cause! 

Pending Lawsuits by The Center for Biological Diversity

We currently have three lawsuits in play on the border wall.

•    In April 2017 the Center partnered with U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva in filing suit seeking a thorough analysis of the environmental impacts of border-security policy, including the border wall, under the National Environmental Policy Act.
•    Another suit challenges the Trump administration’s waiver of more than three dozen environmental, public-health and tribal-sovereignty laws in order to rush border-wall construction.
•    And a third suit seeks to force the administration to release documents regarding its border plans, thus far withheld from the public.

The CBD Claims 35 Cities and Towns Have Passed Resolutions to Stop the Border Wall

City Resolutions

We do not have verification for these but by scanning this list it would suggest that there is some heavy pressure by the CBD on these city councils.  Case in point is the Tohono O’odham Nation since it reaps big cash benefits from drug mules.  So why would they want a border wall?  Their income stream would come to an end!!

No Border Wall - photo by Russ McSpadden
No Border Wall – photo by Russ McSpadden

The CBD is in the same swamp as the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) in that one of their major income streams is donations.  Both organizations (and they are not the only ones) play on your emotions to help you reach into your pocket.  How can you turn your back on dogs & cats that are suffering?  In like manner, how about the children of immigrants that are hurting or hungry?  Nobody likes these images but the ulterior motives for left wing organizations goes way beyond what the push on the internet.

The CBD is Misleading You in Their Ads

Take the PledgeWith headquarters near the border in Tucson, Arizona, the Center has worked to preserve and protect the remote beauty and amazing biodiversity of our borderlands for decades. We’ve been fighting against border militarization — including the border wall — since the late 1990s, using litigation to block unlawful border policy, grassroots lobbying to stop legislation that would exacerbate environmental damage, and creative-media and public-education campaigns to get out the truth about the real impacts of the hugely expensive, largely ineffective and environmentally devastating border wall.

The Truth About The Arizona Mexico Border

The Wall Counter Point
The reality of the southern border is not being portrayed in truth by the CBD.  We have done the homework by working with the US Border Patrol, Arizona Game & Fish and State and Local authorities to understand what is REALLY happening on the border.

A Former Resident Recounts Life in Patagonia

I lived in Patagonia, AZ for almost two years while my spouse worked as a teacher in a local school. I was the school where two children were removed from class, one in her class, that had lost their father, Brian Terry, while he was performing his duties as a Border Patrol Agent. Facts are this, the township is tiny and consists of very far left individuals and conservative, such as myself are simply not welcome there. The constant pressure to submit, the rampant crime which was absorbed as a cost of living in such a beautiful area and the influence of the very private and exclusive neighborhood next door, Rancho X Estates populated by multi-millionaires and billionaires, many from places like Columbia, Venezuela that have such bad reputations that their presence is one of the best guarded secrets in the US (until I decided to say screw it and write this) all combine to create an island of anarchy in the area. Sorry for the run-on sentence but it is the best way to communicate this issue. My family left and we miss the environment provided by God but not the environment provided by the locals who seemingly either know not what they do or simply don’t care.

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Don McDowell, Arizona native, is an avid outdoorsman and has been an active bass pro fisherman for over 16 years and in the past 15 years has developed his own radio show promoting bass fishing and conservation efforts for bass fishing that escalated to nominations with several bass groups and organizations. In the past 12 years, Don has pursued his conservation agenda through AZBFN-TBF as Conservation Director and with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, in the spring of 2014 redesigned his website to include those efforts highlighted below and has increased the AZGFD exposure, public education of the AZGFD and Commission issues on his radio show and website soliciting local and national support for Arizona. 2014 has seen the founding of SRT Outdoors, Inc., 501 C3 organization, “Not for Profit, for Conservation” which is concentrating on grants for mitigating the effects of Gizzard Shad on Roosevelt lake thorough habitat enhancement, Florida Strain Bass stocking, lakes bottom mapping, etc. and feral hog research.

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