What To Do When Attacked

Coming up from Behind

Your Assailant has approached you From Behind, Now What?

Practical-Concealed-CarryYou are pulling up to your kid’s baseball game and getting the bat bag out of your backseat when you turn around a thug has a pistol pointed directly at your face. This is the moment of attack someone has planned hours, days or even weeks for to catch you at a point of vulnerability. This could be one of a bazillion different scenarios that are everyday life. What you do in the next three seconds could cost you your life or save it.

Please understand that over 95 percent of violent attacks are made by ambush predators. These thugs will not walk up calmly facing you and demand your wallet or truck keys. Always know that you will be put in a position to react to the situation. Let’s go over a few things to make those critical three seconds all they can be for you to survive the situation.

We will revert to our basic fundamental training. This is not when you will magically rise up to the occasion and remember that cool self-defense video you saw and perform some type of super cool krav maga technique to disarm the assailant. UNLESS, that is how you have trained for your body & mind to retain the muscle memory to do so. Train accordingly and realistically. You won’t already have your gun or knife out and ready to engage. So, get your mind and body trained to react when violence is called for.

Where a gun is easy to pullStop training at the hi/low ready. When your attacker rushes you, there will be no hi/low ready. Your gun/knife will be in a holster or clipped to your body somehow. Practice how fast you can acquire this weapon and how fast you can do it under pressure. Have someone screaming, shooting rounds off, slap or push you to get you in a real attack like state of mind. Now, please train with an unloaded weapon for at least a hundred reps and slowly work your way into incorporating live fire safely.

Be in it to win it. When it comes to your intensity level in a violet attack, you must overcome or overpower your aggressor to survive. Just as master Yoda said “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try”. I do not know my attackers intent whether it is to rob, rape, kidnap or kill me or my family. These situations call for violence of action and RIGHT NOW.

Seize the advantage. In a large number of attacks, any or little resistance will shock and surprise the assailant. Your instant spring into action has totally caught the thug off guard as most are cowards at heart. Put anything and everything that can be used as a weapon to use in an attack. I call these W.O.O.’s. Weapons Of Opportunity. If you are pinned and can’t get your pistol, grab that pair of jumper cables, work boots, tool box, screwdriver, etc. the list goes on and on. Don’t train yourself that you will ALWAYS draw your gun or knife.

Fight like the 3rd Monkey showing up to Noah’s Ark. When you turn and you are at the business end of that pistol, it’s go time. Hopefully you won’t freeze and will revert back to your muscle memory that will kick in and disarm the assailant, create a diversion or you are able to draw your own weapon and stop the aggression of the attack quickly.

To freeze is death, to be slow is death, to be half throttle is death.

As I said earlier, we have no idea their intentions and a pistol in my face is a lethal threat and I will meet it with the amount of force necessary to win the engagement.

Alright guys, as I have stated many times….perfect practice makes perfect. Train with pressure and an accelerated heartrate. Put much less stock in shooting bottle caps at 10 yards, and more stock in reacting to a threat and conditioning your body to engage.

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