How the Left is Slowly Disarming America

We the People

Freedoms Are Not so Free in California and Washington

You might find some irony in the states of California and Washington enacting their latest restrictions on guns and gun owners a few days ahead of Independence Day.
As reported in The Outdoor Wire, both states ushered in a “new reality” on July 1.

In California:

• Ammunition costs have gone up by $1 for participants in the REAL ID program. Those that have not enrolled now see an additional $19 cost for ammunition.
• Depending on how you read the new laws (because of course they are ambiguous), non-residents may not be allowed to purchase ammunition at all.
• Nobody, resident or non-resident, can bring ammunition into the state.

As stated by The Outdoor Wire:

“When you add those new restrictions to the fact that you can no longer use lead ammunition for hunting, it’s looking as if there’s a de facto ban on law-abiding citizens possessing firearms. After all, an unloaded gun is a pretty ineffective tool for virtually anything.”

An injunction has already been filed on this by the NRA and the California Pistol and Rifle Association.

“Newsom’s Prop 63 law is a business killing nightmare and a red-tape charade that is useless as a crime prevention measure,” said CRPA President Chuck Michel.

In Washington:

I-1639, while still being fought in court, went into effect July 1. That law requires:

• New age restrictions
• “Enhanced” background checks
• Training requirements,
• Longer waiting periods
• New storage requirements
• A prohibition on private sales, and introduces new firearms purchasing fees.

The reasoning behind all of this, is politics.

1 Second AmendmentAs The Outdoor Wire reported, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has said, “Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the National Rifle Association.”
So the anti-gunners have once again made it clear that their plan is to slowly but surely disarm the American people. Even if you live in an uphill battle state like California and Washington, make sure you and all your fellow gun owners vote!

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