Mountain Lions Geographically Extinct?

Mountain Lion with LA background

Lion Populations are Extinct in LA Basin, not California

Apparently, the anti’s are now coming up with what can only be termed as “geographically extinct” populations of mountain lions, meaning, if you find a few mountain lions being surrounded by high-density housing in southern California, we need to consider those lions as potentially going “extinct”. Even though the statewide population is at an all-time high and growing.

A very limited “study” by some researchers at U.C. Davis predicted that a few isolated southern California mountain lion populations could “go extinct” within 12 to 15 years. Not surprisingly, since lions are already geographically “extinct” in downtown Los Angeles, San Diego, and a few other heavily populated areas in the state, and yet they have thrived in adjacent habitat areas despite the encroachment of humans and developments.

Now, with lack of any other argument to give mountain lions special consideration, the Mountain Lion Foundation (MLF) and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) have formally petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission to protect mountain lions under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA).


The petition seeks protections for isolated cougar populations in Southern California and on the Central Coast, including the Eastern Peninsular Range, Santa Ana Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains, Santa Monica Mountains, and north along the coast to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Interesting, protect mountain lions and increase threats to humans at the same time!

This is the first time that we are aware of that someone wants to petition a listing of a species that is not endangered or threatened in the state, but has some tiny population areas that can no longer support them. The reason there are mountain lions in marginal habitat areas is because there are too many of them in prime lion country, and adult lions always kick out the yearlings, so they’re looking for places to go.

No surprise, though, because for some reason the majority of Californians, who live in cities, have no idea how huge the mountain lion population is in the state. So, the animal-rights groups themselves prey on the ignorant in-city residents, soliciting support and donations.

Where mountain lions can live healthy lives in California, they are doing just that, and destroying deer herds while they do it. Where mountain lions can’t find suitable habitat or food sources, they are encroaching on habited areas and killing dogs, cats and livestock.

It’s time we made up our minds: Either control humans and where they live in California, or control the huge and ever-growing population of mountain lions in the state. Anyone who says we can “co-exist” has no grasp of reality.

Article supplied by Staff Writer BILL KARR
Western Outdoor News

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  1. The Progressives cannot have it both ways; they want unlimited immigration with the resultant degradation of the environment, culture, lifestyle, and economy of the state and protection for an apex predator that requires large amounts of wild, open space to survive – space shrinking to accommodate the two legged species without the sense to control their numbers through immigration restrictions, population control, and setting limits on urban expansion. I never feel sorry for hikers or bicyclists that get taken down by mountain lions. The lions have no place to go, the state prohibits the bearing of arms for self defense – Californians are getting just what they deserve from the idiots they keep electing.

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