The Closing of Tonto National Forest

Tonto Natl Forest (1)

Closed by Congressman Neil Bosworth for Unknown reasons.

The pragmatic view of the obvious, TNF Neil Bosworth, page 2.

Don McDowell Outdoor Radio

Tonto Natl Forest (2)So this week I get another memo and Fox News press release from Secretary David Bernhardt from Department of the interior, once again promoting recreation on our public lands. Secretary Bernhardt’s efforts in waiving the National Park Entry fees for the public to enjoy our outdoor assets in is conjunction with President Trump’s All-of America plan to combat, slow and beat the COVID19 virus.

And from the start of the virus outbreak, the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (90 million acres) and Bureau of Land Management (245 million acres) have asked the question, “What can we do to keep our land and assets open and accessible to the public?” Great question, great effort on behalf of the Department of the Interior, (managing over 500 million acres) and those serving under Secretary David Bernhardt.

Tonto Natl Forest (3)Yet a few National Park supervisors and others have taken it upon themselves, like Mr. Bosworth to shut it down. By the way, that’s Mr. Bosworth’s management style, it’s his pattern. TNF wants us off the landscape period. Very obvious with the lack of management of the Salt River and feral horse issues, lack of proper maintenance of forest fuel issues, more projected wilderness restrictions, road restrictions and general lack of enforcement basically due to budget mismanagement and political agendas. You do the math, this list gets longer.

On the flip side we have Supervisor Neil Bosworth of the Tonto National Forest, under Secretary Sonny Purdue, USDA, shutting down the bulk of the Tonto National Forest to the Arizona residents and general public that may be stranded in our State under the President’s and Governor’s COVID19 protocols. I believe Mr. Bosworth didn’t get either of the memos, hasn’t listened to President Trump or read the Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-18 outlining outdoor exercise and the benefits of recreating.

Tonto Natl Forest (4)The COVID19 protocols are working, social distancing, work remote, stay at home but at the same time are creating additional social issues that we are going to have to deal at some point. Including cabin fever, spike in birth rates, spike in substance abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, driving under the influence and so on. Did I mention suicides? Don’t believe me listen to Fox News and not the drive by media, CNN, MSNBC and the other fake news; they’re not dealing with the issues.

Follow the COVID19 protocols as best you can, protect yourself and loved ones. Be aware of what may be sneaking up on you, especially the Cabin Fever symptoms. Use the outdoors as a release and therapeutic session to stay centered and deal effectively with the current pandemic. Hike, fish, hunt, ride bikes, go to the shooting range. I.e. you can shoot all day for $7.00 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, with COVID19 protocols in place.

Let Supervisor Neil Bosworth of the Tonto National Forest, comprised of 2.9 million acres, 7th out of 154 national forests know that he needs to ask the question, what he can do to keep TNF open for us. It’s our public lands, not his, he’s the caretaker. Open it up, now!

Supervisor’s Office
Mr. Neil Bosworth, Supervisor
2324 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
(602) 225-5200

COVID-19 ASNFs Dev Rec Sites Closures News Release

Coconino NF Closing News Release – 3-24-20

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