What To Do When Encountering Drug And Human Traffickers

If You See Something, Say Something

Determining the threats to sportsmen that may encounter the illegals, some are armed some are not. Rip Crews have seen little media coverage in past years. These are people whether cartel or just enterprising of sorts have set up shop in the region to steal from the cartel and market the contraband themselves. You have to love free enterprise, right? As you can imagine this behavior has annoyed the cartel to the point of sending assassins into the desert to deal with the Rip Crews. In any case we have little fear from the traffickers during our brief encounters. They know without question, that if seen by sportsmen or anyone else, the wrath of the USBP and other agencies will be brought down around them. As a general rule, they will go to extremes not to have an encounter with us in the field.

As sportsmen, how do we behave when encountering the illegal’s, how do we behave when encountering the USBP? What is the preferred USBP protocol of reporting our encounters with the illegal’s or other local authorities? Be advised that jurisdictions may change depending where you are and response time may be of paramount concern depending on the type of encounter you having. If you have the opportunity to make contact the USBP or AZGFD agents, do so, let them know who you are, what you’re doing, shake their hand and thank them for the commitment, service and personal sacrifice doing what they’re doing for you.

Call The US Border Patrol To Make Your Hunting Adventure Safe

Contact the USBP, Tucson Sector 1-800-872-7435, prior to your hunt and give them your hunting party information, your name, how many are in your party, your vehicle description and information, vehicle license plate number, the proximity or approximate location of your camp site, camp in or near populated areas or roads, the more desolate or isolated the location the more invitations to unwelcome visitors you offer.

Check and try to maintain your personal cell phone service or connection, when on or near the immediate area of the border you will lose cell service and may want to subscribe to international service to assure your ability to make a call if need be. As a precaution, install in your cell phone the USBP contact number (1-800-872-7435), the AZGFD Operation Game Thief number 800-352-0700 and that of the county Sheriffs jurisdiction.

When encountering a personal safety or life threatening issue call 911 first. That will ensure an immediate response to the situation and deploy the proper and closest LEO agency to render assistance to you. If you see something, say something. The days of don’t ask don’t tell have long since expired. Report immediately what you see to the appropriate agency, report, illegal’s to the USBP, game violations to OGT . Do not engage yourself, report it. Most of us have GPS devices or on our phones, way points are always good, road numbers and approximate distance from known landmarks. Take note of how many persons involved, clothing descriptions, height, weight etc., vehicle information if involved and direction of travel. If there’s any doubt in your mind what you’re encountering or who to call, call 911. Don’t risk it!


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