John Koleszar
John Koleszar

John Koleszar, born in Toledo, Ohio circa 1950. I was the oldest of four children and had the good fortune to be inquisitive about wildlife and specifically rabbits and pheasants that were abundant in the area that I was raised in. With later moves to Michigan, I found that exploring the great outdoors was just a short bike ride away and I invested in a Havahart trap at age 11. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels and possum became the choice of prey and that stayed my mainstay until college.

In college I was able to drive to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and began hunting whitetail deer in earnest. That led to my first exposure to bow hunting and for the next decade I tried to become friends with every farmer from Brighton to Howell Michigan. The magazines Outdoor Life and Sports Afield became my constant bedside reading and the lure of hunting in the west became a dream and motivating factor for a move in my mid thirties to buy a business in Phoenix, Arizona.

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I knew that elk were abundant and of trophy class in Arizona so it sealed the deal for relocating here.  Since 1986 I have spent as much time as possible learning about elk and trying to become a better hunter. There were mentors along the way and many hours of calling on mouth diaphragms as I rode from sales call to sales call. With each passing year I expanded my calls to include as many varieties as possible. Shed hunting became a passion and it helped me learn about how elk move and where they transition each year from winter to spring. Over the years I have found several hundred sheds of elk, mule deer and Coues antlers and I learned where to look and how to look for them.

For the past decade I have helped other hunters who were trying to fill their elk tags and my favorite hunts are the rut hunts in September. Calling in bulls has become my passion and it continues to be the best time of the year.

When not involved in hunting or conservation work I won my own business where I sell printing and promotional items.


James Goughnour is the owner of Rim Country Custom Rods. A small business that designs and builds custom freshwater and saltwater fishing rods for serious and professional anglers.  Additionally, all types of fishing rods are repaired and rod components sold. This is an Arizona state licensed small business operating in the Town of Payson, Gila County.

James retired from General Dynamics in 2006 after twenty-six years of progressively increasing responsible management positions in project management. James was a senior leader in the manufacturing engineering operations department in support of communication systems for high-reliability near earth and deep space programs.

James is an avid outdoors enthusiast, outdoor article author, outdoor radio show guest and reports, conservationist, fishing, boating, target shooting, hiking, wildlife spotting.

James is extremely active in community events  and organizations. James hosts a weekly “All Outdoors” radio show in Payson, AZ and is a weekly contributor to the Shake Rattle and Troll radio show. He is the current President of the Mogollon Sporting Association; Chairman of the Gila County Roundtable Members and Chairman of the Payson Special Event Volunteer Committee. James is a member of the National Rifle Association, Tonto Rim Sporting Club and the author of “Rim Country Fishing Report” which is published weekly in several newspapers and websites throughout the state.

James can be reached at: