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Advertising Falls Into 4 Categories:

Fresh & Salt Water species
Facebook Reach:
750,000 fishing members

Elk, Deer, Turkey & More
Facebook Reach:
800,000 hunting members

News – Science – Technology
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225,000 gun members

Outdoors & Conservation
Facebook Reach:
590,000 outdoor members

Fishing Bass DaddyDon McDowell is a Arizona personality with a 17 year running radio show on 1580 the Fanatic.  We now live stream the radio show on Facebook with an average of 500 viewers each week.  Guests are always related to Fishing, Hunting and Conservation and with Don, there’s never a dull moment.  Individual segments will focus on Salt & Fresh Water fishing, Conservation and Roll Call for honoring the Military, Border Patrol and Officers lost in action.

Don McDowell Outdoors Radio reaches 7,000,000 with a weekly listener-ship of 100,000 podcasting on iHeart, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and more.

Co-Host John KoleszarCo-host of the show is John Koleszar also known as “JK” or better labeled by Don as the “Elk Whisperer” and the “Voice of Moderation”.  Raised in Michigan and moved to Arizona 20 years ago, JK is a wealth of knowledge and experience both on the conservation and wildlife side as well as more than 30 years experience archery hunting and guiding for Elk all across Arizona.

Selected Segments from the Radio Show

Your corporate ad or logo at the top of each page on our website provides you with premium exposure.  That reach is exponentially increased when articles or posts are pushed out to Facebook Group Members.  Purchase a quarterly commitment and your logo is placed in the background of the radio show.  Radio advertising is also available and combination packages provide a 10% discount.

Radio Don

The BASS DADDY VLOG is Dons soap box for the pragmatic view of the obvious.   An advocate for Sportsmen and supports our Constitution, Don is outspoken on all subjects that affect our rights.

Your ad on the Bass Daddy Vlog will reach 1/2 million on Facebook each week.

Some of Dons Latest Vlogs

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