Grows Nationally

Radio Listeners
Live Streaming
income range

Radio Listeners
100,000+ per Show

Live Streaming
Avg 500-1500 per Show

63% Male 36% Female

Income Range
$75 – $100k

Barret Sports Media

How often do you listen to sports talk radio?
85% Daily; 12.3% 2-3X Per week
Where Do You Listen To Sports Radio Shows Most?
56.6% In My Car; 20.5% On a Phone; 6.3% On a Computer
What Time of The day Do You Listen To Sports Radio Most?
31.1% M-F 6A-10A; 30.8% M-F 10A-3P; 31.8% M-F 3P-7P
Which Daily Items do You Enjoy The Most?
21.3% Guest Interviews; 27.8% Funny Stories and Bits; 34.4% Strong Opinions and Debates

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Groups Outdoors & Conservation
Groups Outdoors & Conservation

5,000 Friends

Group Reach
Fishermen – 750,000
Hunters – 801,000

Group Reach
Firearms – 225,000
Outdoors – 590,000

SRT Website
Indexed Pages – 40,000
Pageviews/mo – 15,000

Group Reach will vary from month to month

An Audience That  Will Make A Difference To Your Business!

76% of listeners are between 25 and 34.
86% of our listeners are male.
80% of our listeners have attended or graduated from college.
Sports listeners are more likely to be married.

Sports Radio Fans Are Affluent!

Sports listeners own homes valued at $500k or more and have investments.
Sports Radio Listeners are 62% more likely than the average person to have plans to buy an SUV, car or truck within the next 12 months.
Sports Radio audience has the highest percentage of full-time employed Listeners of all formats.

Show Profile and Regular Features:

Military Scouts“Pro Panel” with Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide Jerry Tate, Pro Angler Marc Townsend and Weekly Guests
“Roll Call” weekly updates on US military personnel Killed in Action and “Officer Down” Law Enforcement Officers Fallen in the Line of Duty, recognized by name, age, home town and details of their death.
“San Diego Connection” from H&M Landing, Pacific saltwater updates by Captain Bill Wilkerson, Malihini sportfishing & Captain Jerod Stubbs, Sea Tow-San Diego
“Mexico Connection” with Mike Day, Mexico salt water and freshwater Bass updates
“Rim Country Fishing Report” by James Gougnhour, reports on Arizona waterways from Rim Country Custom Rods
“North to Alaska”, with Captain. Reuben Payne, Keni River and Peninsula fishing
“Tipping the Scales” with Tim Price weigh master for Bass Junkyz Tournament updates
“The Ring of Fire” local anglers have lots of fun doing and sharing on and off the water
Sports Radio Fans are Active!

  • By their nature, Sports Radio Listeners love sports — but they also index highly among all formats in terms of physical activity, especially for belonging to health/exercise clubs, playing tennis, weight/circuit training, bicycling, and hiking.
  • To transport all that sporting gear, Sports Radio Listeners are 62% more likely than the average person to have plans to buy an SUV, car or truck within the next 12 months — no other format indexes higher.
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