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Fishing is not Fun Anymore with the Boom in Angling Electronics

Here’s the scoop on the latest in fishing technologies.  Tournament and Commercial fishermen can more afford the tools.  The rest …

Four Things You Need to Know About Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Surviving in the wilderness has its surprises.  Here are some misconceptions about how to live through real-life survival scenarios. Spend …

Supreme Court Of The United States Rulings

When the current session of the United States Supreme Court convened, a widely distributed opinion said the court was about …

Off-Roading – The ATV Phenomenon Requires Good Judgment

Being an off-road junky for most of my life, I want to talk about the subject of safety. I know …

Shotgun Disaster at Lake Mead’s 2021 Bass Pro Shops Amateur US Open

Delayed Start at Lake Mead Bass Pro Shops Amateur US Open Causes Pile Up at CallVille Bay On Saturday April …

Where Has All The Ammo Gone?

Ammunition exists in the way the Star of India, Lamborghinis and homesteads on the French Riviera A nearby police supply …

The “Arena of Consequence”

What happens in the mountains does not stay in the mountains By Jim Unmacht, Executive Director AZSFWC If you’ve ever …

If There’s No Chase, Is the Hunt Still Fair?

What is ethical? What is moral? What is fair chase? This is a set of questions that each generation of …

What’s the Future for the 2ND Amendment?

The Supreme Court Focus on the Second Amendment…It’s Been Crickets! With the District of Columbia v. Heller decision in 2008 …

Trumps Environmental Record is Unprecedented

By: U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt Recently, President Trump’s critics have ramped up their attempts to discredit …

AZGFD Rule Baiting R12-4-301

Don McDowell (www.huntingfishing.com), is a practicing advocate of ethical hunting and Fair Chase Too get a sense of the dry …

Getting Prepared: A checklist of 50 Items to Hoard

Community Preparedness: The Facts Research on preparedness shows that people who believe themselves “prepared” for disasters often aren’t as prepared …

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