Environmentalists Use The Equal Access to Justice Act To Fund Operations

by Don McDowell

en•vi•ron•men•tal•ist: noun: environmentalist; plural noun: environmentalist’s 1. a person who is concerned with or advocates the protection of the environment.
Synonyms: conservationist, preservationist, ecologist, nature lover

ScienceIn the beginning decades ago, protection of public lands and endangered species was a positive line of thought and in most cases not affected by political parties.  Today it has morphed into a partisan issue of greed by virtue of the EAJA where lawsuit and settlement monies are paid by the federal government to those who choose to file lawsuit against them. Those payments are from taxpayer dollars.  Again, there may have been some endangered species worth saving under the Endangered Species Act.

American Environmental ActivismToday the issues have become very partisan as they apply to “Environmental Groups”, aka NGO’s, as their motives and seduction of the American taxpayer have squandered  federal tax dollars which is largely blamed on the failed government management policies and leadership in the DOI, BLM, USFS, USFWS as well as state agencies governing wildlife and lands management.

Seems harmless enough, right? You would be wrong!  Maybe 15 years ago but not today. The NGO’s and people that consider themselves environmentalist and so forth are propagating a rouge on the American population, the bulk of which are not engaged in conservation efforts and are not aware of the issues being shoved down their throats. Most of the time the cause sounds noble and is cloaked in green friendly clothing to keep the truth from the American taxpayer. Hence, you have “Green Decoys”. The list is long and is a discussion for another time.

The Environmental Impact Of Not Having A Border Fence In Arizona

US Mexico Border WallIn Arizona, conservation efforts exist because of sportsmen and women engaged in their chosen outdoor activities. Our tax dollars include surcharges for hunting, fishing equipment and related products, these monies are given back to the state DNR or Game & Fish departments and are put to work on the ground by hunters, anglers and volunteer forces to enhance habitat and wildlife, all God’s creatures not just a few. Take a water catchment for example that once completed, it services the area for all wildlife, no keep out signs for unwanted species. Unfortunately we have to put up signs, in multiple languages, because the illegals are drinking the water. The upside is they get sick and are easier to apprehend, go figure.

During the last presidential election cycle, “Build the Wall” became the Republican battle cry for the better part of the campaign. I happen to agree with it as the implications this wall represents applies to National Security, human and drug trafficking, and the real possibility of terrorist entering our country where the intent is to conduct harmful activities to the nation’s general population. Let’s be real here, they already have been infiltrating those porous borders.

The Impact of Open Borders On The Arizona Landscape

Sonoran Desert MonumentThe democrats of today, which had been in favor of border walls and security under Obama, are now having a “Trump Mind Melt” over such a thought of building a wall and securing the border. In doing so, being against it, they automatically condone human trafficking, drug smuggling and don’t much think about terrorists gaining access. Without that border wall, this issue will continue. But when one supports open borders, especially in our border states, they are automatically turning a blind eye to the conditions of the environment they purport to want to protect.

The fact of the matter is that 30,000 square miles in southern AZ are under siege by the trafficking, the trashing of our desert, the Sonoran National Monument, Organ Pipe National Monument and the rest of the delicate landscape which is NOT replicated anywhere else on the planet. It should be pointed out that the Organ Pipe was Organ Pipe NMclosed for a period of five years because of illegal trafficking, trash and devastation to the monument and at no time did the environmentalist engage in its protection. No they did not.

It’s here, its’ ours and we need to fight those that oppose secure borders and are allowing the trashing of the land with garbage, establishing single and two track trails that will remain for many decades all impacting wildlife habitat, water catchment and overstressing all the wildlife. Unfortunately, the USBP and CBP are forced to pursue illegal’s across the landscape in vehicles, off highway vehicles, horseback and on foot to contain the illegal trafficking.  In doing so, a byproduct becomes more terrain disruption, with long lasting effect.

Tohono O’odam Indian NationThe Tohono O’odam Indian Nation is another contributing factor to the trafficking problems as it is within a 75 miles open border contiguous with Mexico. They now are protesting border security in general, the wall, because their language doesn’t have a word for “Wall”…What? They claim ownership of tribal land in Mexico and interestingly the Mexican Government disputes their claim to lands south of the international border. So, let’s build the wall! Once again, follow to the money, this time from the cartels.

A Ride Along With The US Border Patrol

We’ve been on the border on multiple occasions, on the ground, in the trenches with CBP and AZGFD. And despite what the Enviroleftists have to say, they’ve not been there, they’ve not driven for days expecting to get a bullet in the windshield around the next corner and they’ve not seen the damage nor have they engaged on habit improvement projects or water catchment projects. The simple fact of the matter the Leftist have found a money trail via EAJA and sue & settle money paid by the federal government via the failed management and leadership policies that now are being investigated by the new administration.  President Trump and newly appointed department Secretaries i.e. Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke with more to come in a short time.

Endangered AnimalsArizona is plagued with “environmentalist NGO’s, the CBD, Sierra Club, Lobo of the Southwest, Guardians of the Earth and I could go on and on.  That’s enough to make the point. DOJ is investigating how much sue and settle monies have been paid to CBD just on ESA and EAJA issues. The problem is the deceptive ways of CBD and the ineptness of DOJ; we’ll probably not have a true number of the millions of dollars already paid. Currently we’re looking at EAJA reform or abolishment altogether, that latter is more favorable. If you sue, you should have to be financially ability to take your lumps should you lose. If the money trail is stopped, you’ll see the culprit leftist envirolitigants whither and dry. EAJA is the primary method of their funding.

Leftist Fundraising Practices of NGOs

Which brings us back to make second point of the leftist fund raising practices of NGO’s on species that should be managed by the state agencies.

7 ReasonsThe Wolf advocates lack the ability to read, digest and understand the science and the facts of the matter as they pertain to the Gray Wolf, Red Wolf and Mexican Gray Wolf. The latest science and biological reports have finally clarified the gene pool. They’re all dogs with a common ancestor, the fact that the interbreeding has taken place to the extent that realistically we don’t know what hell we have other than looks like, act like whatever you want to see and believe. The gene pool is the gene pool, mate with your sister, it’s still your sister!

Wolf Week in SedonaIn the case of Plan b, at one point, had the desire to understand the issues relative to the Mexican Gray Wolf, Wild horse and Burro issues and be an advocate, but that doesn’t pay the bills. Plan b has morphed into one more self-serving group willing to discard the truth about wolf and promote hybridization of the Wolf, domestication and humanization of the Wolf by given them names and presenting them as warm and fuzzy pets. Going so far as to rewrite the childhood story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, the problem with Red is she didn’t have access to an AR15 platform spiting 5.56 hollow points down range.  If she had there’d be a nice warm and fuzzy throw rug on her threshold. No more big bad woof!

Enviro Support PosterPlan b is using the Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction as a glowing successful model that has made the sky more blue, the grass greener, the streams more clear, which is simply a lie. The films and videos are not truthful to any extent. More lies from the left. Yellowstone has become the best model of failure for the entire system. The wolves have reduced the elk populations down to 5% of the initial population and are now chewing on the Buffalo and whatever else is left. In addition, they have populated themselves to the point of starvation creating a hosts health issues related to malnutrition and interbreeding.

Plan b SupportersPlan b happens to be in the Sedona area filled with birds of a feather, like minded liberals that simply don’t get the overall picture and aren’t smart enough to explore the facts of the species, nor do they understand the federal corruption leading to initial reintroduction aided by the left. Plan b has indeed found the money trail with “warm & fuzzy donate here buttons”, meet the pack events and, by the way, the wine and cheese is on them. At the conclusion we remain outraged and will extinguish every available resource that we can tap as we have to stop Plan b.  They have found another money riser, “warm and fuzzy” with a donate button for “Ban Trapping”. Really? Trapping was ban on public lands in 1994. Oh and may I get you more wine while you write your check? Unfortunately, the liked minded people are too stupid to understand the issues, don’t care to begin with, just wanting to be a part of the “IN” crowd or they simply have too much time and money on their hands. Good for them.

With the influx of California people moving to AZ, we find more and more of the defective thinking in our state. They’ve screwed up California, left because it’s a mess, no blame there, and now they’re bringing the same crap to AZ.  They outlawed mountain lion hunting in California and now are whining that the lion population, left unchecked, has increased to the point the state is issuing depredation (kill) tags because the lion are snatching pets, killing livestock and attacking people trying to drag them to the dinner table. HSUS wants the same in AZ but that will not come easy without one hell of a fight from the sportsmen. California should have been more careful in what they asked for, now they have it…lions and more lions. Now deal with it.

It’s sad when a seemingly good kind hearted, well meaning person, the Plan b principle owner, has morphed into a despicable liberal leftist with no regard for the facts, the science or nothing other than the money trail. Their efforts tug on heart strings from otherwise good people thinking they are donating to a worthy cause. This is simply not the case. Those people are being deceived, outsmarted and outright conned.

Don McDowellBut wait! There’s more! We have mentioned the wild horse and burro issue, more failed management once again by the BLM, where $50-70 million dollars are annually spent on boarding them off the range and with no budget to manage them on the range.  Fear not, the Trump Train is coming! Those who oppose management of the invasive horse and burro certainly can adopt more, oh! That’s right they haven’t!

How about this idea for the leftists democrats in California and especially Hollywood types, let’s ban “Wheaties” to curb the gender crisis or prohibit the transgendered life style. But one really can’t blame Wheaties as they never really had nuts.