Don McDowell Outdoors is hosted by Don McDowell with Co-Host John Koleszar.

Nationally Syndicated on SB NATION Radio.  Find Radio Stations HERE.  SB Nation Logo is broadcast live from the studios of 1060am in Phoenix, Arizona every Sunday from 7-9AM, Arizona time.


Show Profile and Regular Features:
Pro Panel– with Professional Hunters and Fishermen
Salt Water Fishing Reports– Pacific saltwater updates from Captain Bill Wilkerson & Captain Jerod Stubbs
Fishing Mexico– with Mike Day and David Fields
Arizona’s Rim Country Fishing Report– with James Gougnhour
Alaska Fishing– with Captain Reuben Payne on the Keni River and Peninsula
This Week in Conservation – Doug Stricker
BASS Tournaments– with Tim Price of Bass Junkyz
The Ring of Fire– Tournament Anglers periodically drop in
Roll Call– weekly updates on US military personnel Killed in Action and “Officer Down” Law Enforcement Officers Fallen in the Line of Duty, recognized by name, age, home town and details of their death.

Bass Daddy Don McDowell
Bass Daddy Don McDowell
Co-Host John Koleszar
Co-Host John Koleszar

April 7, 2019
Guests: John (JK) Koleszar

      07 April 2019 09:05:19 - SB Nation Radio
      07 April 2019 10:05:20 - SB Nation Radio

Mar 31, 2019
Guests: William Hindman – Explorer One

      31 March 2019 09:04:44 - SB Nation Radio
      31 March 2019 10:03:36 - SB Nation Radio

Mar 24, 2019
Guests: Dr Kenneth Schmidt & Dr. Mike Domer

      17 March 2019 09:02:35 - SB Nation Radio
      24 March 2019 10:03:29 - SB Nation Radio

Mar 17, 2019
Guests: Joe Notcha, Scott Lavin, Duncan Fletcher & Chris Slater

      24 March 2019 09:04:14 - SB Nation Radio
      17 March 2019 10:03:17 - SB Nation Radio

Mar 10, 2019
In House Guest: Cat Thor, Dave Mills, and Doug Stricker

      10 March 2019 09:03:52 - SB Nation Radio
      10 March 2019 10:01:14 - SB Nation Radio

Mar 3, 2019
In House Guest: JK, John Koleszar

      03 March 2019 08:04:43 - SB Nation Radio
      03 March 2019 09:04:06 - SB Nation Radio

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