May 6, 2019

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

RE: Support of Administrative and Congressional Gray Wolf Delisting

Dear Mr. President:

As sportsmen, conservationists, livestock producers, and state leaders, we are writing to support immediate delisting of gray wolves across the lower 48 states. The delisting announced March 14, 2019 to restore state management authority for Canadian gray wolves is an important step in the right direction. This decision recognizes the contribution of states, sportsmen, and others in allowing recovery plans to proceed for gray wolves in America. The objectives set forth in these recovery plans were met more than a decade ago. The negative impacts to wild game including moose, elk, deer and other large ungulate species has been well documented.

Restoring state management authority to responsibly manage gray wolves fulfills commitments to delist once recovery objectives were met. More importantly, this will allow states to protect against unsustainable levels of predation on moose and elk calves as well as fawn deer populations. Under Endangered Species Act take prohibitions, needed regulation of predation has not been possible and populations of some of America’s most important wildlife herds have fallen far below sustainable levels. The resultant impacts on herd health, wildlife abundance, and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation are very concerning. For these reasons we support plans to delist the gray wolf and restore state management protections and management plans for the gray wolf.

We also write to urge the strongest level of support for congressional action to permanently delist wolves. Years of litigation by special interest groups have unnecessarily delayed previous decisions to delist gray wolf populations in various states. We expect that this delisting decision will also be challenged in the courts on a variety of technicalities. Unfortunately, judicial activism on endangered species listing decisions has become one of the most significant threats to proper administration of the Endangered Species Act.

We strongly support the recovery and protection of sensitive species. We also recognize that wolf activists are attempting to use the Endangered Species Act litigation to force proliferation of gray wolves across America. This is not the original intent of the Act and threatens the health of more wildlife herds. We support congressional action to permanently delist wolves and allow states to properly manage and protect their wildlife populations.

In conclusion, we strongly support the March 14, 2019 administrative listing decision and urge final publication of this important rule. We also support congressional action to permanently restore state management authority over wolf populations. We do not agree with efforts to use the Endangered Species Act to force wolf proliferation in America. Thank you for your support of responsible conservation to protect our precious wildlife resources and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.


Signers To Date – May 6, 2019

6 Ranch Outfitters
Alabama Trappers Association
Alaska Trapper’s Association
Arizona Bass Nation
Arizona Deer Association
Arizona Elk Society
Barnes Bullets
Bass Federation-AZ
Best of the West
BGF Arizona
BigGame Forever
BigGame Forever – Colorado
Bob Radocy-Colorado Conservationist
Boeing Employees Everett Gun Club
Borderline Bassin’ Contenders
Boulder Creek Manufacturing
Bremerton Sportsmen’s Club
Capitol City Rifle/Pistol
Cascade Mountain Men
Cascade Tree Hound Club
Cedar River Bowmen
Chiredzi River African Wildlife Trust
Chris Dorsey, Dorsey Pictures
Chris Jurney Outfitting
Citizens for Responsible Wildlife Management
CJ Outdoor Services
Colorado Big Game Club
Colorado Mule Deer Association
Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition
Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association
Colorado Wool Growers Association
Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
Coni Brooks, Flying X Ranch
Critters R Us
Day One Camouflage
Denver Safari Club Chapter
Eastman’s Hunting Journal
Edison Sportsmen’s Club
Epic Outdoors
Federal Ammunition
Ferron Cattlemen Association
Four Corners SCI
Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn
Fur Takers of America
Gary Lewis Outdoors
Georgia Trappers Association
Gray Ghost Safaris
Gun werks
Guy Eastman
High Country Horns
Houston Safari Club
Hunter Nation
Hunters Heritage Council
Idaho BigGame Forever
Idaho Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
Idaho Trappers Association
Ike Eastman
Inland NW Wildlife Council
Iowa Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Jim Liberatore, President and CEO Outdoor Sportsmen’s Group
Kalen Lemon-WLH Sonora
KBH Archers
Kittatas County Field & Stream
Lambley Hunts from the Heart
Larry Potterfield, Midway USA
Lindsay Persico, Huntfiber Fitness
Lobo Outfitters
Massachussets Trappers Association
Michigan BigGame Forever
Michigan Trappers Association
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
Minnesota BigGame Forever
Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
Mississippi Trappers Association
Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
Montana Trappers Association
Montana-BigGame Forever
Mule Deer Foundation
National Trapper’s Association
National Wild Turkey Federation-South Sound Longbeards
Natural Instincts Taxidermy
Nature’s Paint
Nebraska Fur Harvesters
North Eastern Ontario SCI
North Flight Waterfowl
Northwest Sportsmen’s Club
NW Field Trial & Hound Association
Okanogan Hound Club
Oregon BigGame Forever
Oregon Trappers Association
Oregon United Sporting Dogs Association
Outdoor Heritage Coalition
Pacific Flyway
Pateros Sportsman’s Club
Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman’s Club
Pheasants Forever Chapter #257
Pierce County Sportsmen’s Council
Pioneer Grazing Association
R& K Hunting
Richland Rod & Gun Club
Rio Game Calls
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear, Inc,2
Ruffed Grouse Society
Safari Club International – Central Washington
Safari Club International – Central Washington
Safari Club International – Inland Empire
Safari Club International – Inland Empire
Safari Club International – NW Chapter
Safari Club International – NW Chapter
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Seattle Sportsmen’s Conservation Foundation
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Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife – Utah
Tacoma Sportsmen’s Club
Ted Nugent
Tennessee Trappers Association
Tim Flies Photography
Traditional Bowhunters of Washington
Two Feathers Custom Bows
UP Trappers Association
US Sportsmen’s Alliance
Utah Archery Association
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Utah Wild Sheep Foundation
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Vashon Sportsmen’s Club
Wade Lemon Hunting
Washington BigGame Forever
Washington Cattlemen’s Association
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Washington For Wildlife
Washington Game Fowl Breeders Association
Washington Muzzleloaders Association
Washington State Archery Association
Washington State Big Game Council
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Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation
Wild Sheep Foundation
Wildlife Committee of Washington
Wisconsin Trappers Association
Working Dogs For Wildlife conflict resolution (WDWCR)
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