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Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge Seeking Comment on Proposed Hunt Plan

The Cabeza Prieta is one of the many pieces of the National Wildlife Refuge System that is looking to expand hunting and fishing opportunities. The comment period for their Proposed Hunt Plan closes on Friday, May 15.

The Arizona Deer Association is encouraging hunters to view the plan and submit their comments. From their press release:

“We at the Arizona Deer Association, founded in 1995 as Arizona’s premiere wildlife conservation organization, are writing to applaud the efforts of President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of the Department of the Interior David L. Bernhardt to open the Cabeza Prieta, Buenos Aires, Cibola and Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuges located in southern Arizona to recreational hunting opportunities.

We feel the opening of the noted NWR’s is important to sportsmen-women and families plus the economic impact to Arizona, to have the ability to hunt big game species, other than Big Horn Sheep, to include but not limited to antelope, mule and white tailed deer, mountain lion, coyote, bobcat, badger, ringtail cat, kit and gray fox, spotted skunk, cottontail rabbit, black-tailed jack rabbit, Gambel’s and Mearns quail, mourning, white-winged and Eurasian collared dove, as well as, other various species as identified by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.”

The Cabeza Prieta is currently open for Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting. The proposal includes the expansion of hunting opportunities for mule deer, mountain lion, predators and small game animals as regulated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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