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Rim Country Custom Rods is located at the base of the Mogollon Rim mountain range in the small mountain town of Payson Arizona. The Mogollon Rim marks the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona and extends for nearly 200 miles across central Arizona with an average elevation of 7000 feet. Within a one hour drive are some of the most beautiful fishing lakes and streams in the world. These lakes contain various species of fish; Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Crappie and Striper just to name a few. My passion is fishing and I have fished these lakes and streams over the past 30 years. RCCR grew out of my passion for fishing; always wanting to know more about the mechanics of fishing rods and maybe catching my once in a lifetime record sized fish.

What  Factors  Are  Considered  When  Building  A Custom  Fishing  Rod?

This is where a custom rod builder adds value to the process. A reputable custom rod builder puts the customer first in building the type of rod requested at the best value tailored to the customer. As an example, prior to even talking about the rod itself, the custom rod builder will want to know some information about the type of fishing that will be done. If a bass fishing rod is requested, factors like location, type of water, technique used and fishing style are all important considerations. The size and strength of the customer are also factors in matching the rod capabilities to the user and the fish being pursued. Materials used in the making of custom rods are individually selected by the rod maker and the customer. Guide material, handle, seat, and winding styles are all individually discussed and selected.

So we’re back to the question of who should spend the money for a custom fishing rod. If you fish just for fun; something to do while you’re reading a book or if you take the kids out a few times a year, a production rod is perfectly made for these situations. However, if you are a serious fisherman, fish tournaments or want the best equipment in hand to catch that fish of a lifetime, then a custom rod is for you.

Although the majority of the rods built by Rim Country Custom Rods are for professional and tournament fishermen, there are those that just want the extra edge on the weekend.  So, if you are ready for some serious fishing, scroll down.


Roosevelt Lake

Services  And  Products  Offered  By  Rim Country  Custom  Rods

Rim Country Custom Rods is a world class manufacturer of custom fishing rods specializing in all types of fresh water rods including spinning, casting and fly rods. Every fishing rod manufactured by RCCR is static tested, as well as actual casting, prior to final size selection and placement of guides. This testing is critical to ensure maximum casting performance of the rod and most importantly fighting the fish. In addition, we use only proven materials to build our rods. This includes using only perfect blanks from our preferred suppliers to achieve high sensitivity and reliability. We do not use “seconds” or “reject” blanks to build our rods. Nor do we use materials sold by private sellers where the age and storage conditions are not know or controlled. All of the materials used in the assembly of our rods are purchased from reputable rod dealers. These are suppliers that we have used in the past and have a high confidence level in their products.

We also do repair work of fishing rods ranging from tip top replacement to reel seat replacement. No job is too big or too small. We keep a supply of the most common components on hand to get you back on the water faster. When material is available, we will fix your rod on the spot, if possible or within 24 hours if curing is involved. If we do not have the material on hand, repairs will be made within 48 hours after receiving the material. If you’re in Rim Country and damage your rod, give us a call.


A handcrafted custom fishing rod will cost more than a production rod bought in your local tackle shop. The cost of a rod is driven by two primary factors: The blank and the guides. The Blank is the most expensive part of the rod and while the guides are the second most expensive. The sensitivity, power, action, casting ease and accuracy, and comfort to the user are directly related to the blank and guides. At Rim Country Custom Rods we work with each individual customer to find that perfect match of rod material within the price range of the customer. We at RCCR understand value for your dollars. We will discuss options, make recommendations and work with each customer to exceed their expectation. We guarantee there will be no “surprise” price increases during manufacturing.


Every rod sold by Rim Country Custom Rods is guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects. In most cases, blank manufacturing companies also warrant their products. These warranties provided by the manufacturer are also included in your guarantee from Rim Country Custom Rods. Just to be clear here, if you break the tip off your rod in your rod locker or door, or if you step on a guide and break it, these are not considered workmanship defects and are not covered under the warranty. However, RCCR will be happy to repair these rods at a reasonable price. Shipping and handling costs are not included in the warranty.

James Goughnour is available for speaking seminars and/or demonstrations related to building or repairing custom fishing rods. Contact Rim Country Custom Rods for your rod building equipment and supplies.

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