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DON MCDOWELL OUTDOORS – Sunday 7am – 9am MST – Click to Watch


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Fish Tagging Programs, How they Work

What is fish tagging and how does tagging work? Tagging programs are important tools in the management of game fish …

Fly Fishing the Big Thompson River

AZ Pro Marty Lawrence at Bartlett Lake

What are Hoot Owl Restrictions?



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8 Foolproof Ways to Pull Ducks and Geese in Closer

There is no surer way to bag more ducks and geese than to get them closer to your gun. Sure, …

Thanks to everyone for making our 2020 Camp another huge success! including banquet attendees and raffle participants for making this event happen with your financial support! We had another great turnout with 150 people in camp.

What Hunters Should Know About Utah’s 2021 Waterfowl Hunts

The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting

Life is better on the water when you can trust and rely on your Personal Flotation Device. Our Coast Guard approved foam PFDs make no compromise on life-saving protection, comfort, and versatility.

A premier supplier of hooks, lures and accessories for the fishing industry since 1922


What Is a Good Holster?


Bull Elk in Mist

The Nine Eastern Elk States

Montana Legislature’s Attack on Public Hunters


BOONDOCKING – Enjoying the Outdoors on the Cuff


Coyotes in our Midst

Yellowstone Grizzly

2021’s Fatal Bear Attacks in North America


Wild horses rounded up near Utah-Nevada border

Symptoms of Rabies in Wildlife – Although some animals with rabies often look and act normal, most develop one of two forms of the disease.




No Tresspassing

NM Non-Navigable Waters Rule

Waters of the U.S.