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Oct 9, 2019; Rein In Waste, Fraud and Abuse

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What to do if you cross paths with a Moose

Moose are not easily spooked and do not fear humans. A minimum safe distance from a moose is at least 50 yards. To avoid close encounters, officials encourage the public to stay safe and remember these tips:

  • Keep dogs on leashes and under control. Moose see dogs as predators and may act aggressively towards them.
  • Females will defend calves aggressively, so give them a wide berth.
  • Be aware of surroundings and avoid surprising a moose.
  • If a moose reacts to your presence, you are too close.
  • Take photos and watch moose only from a distance – at least 50 yards away.
  • Always yield the trail to moose; do not approach them.
  • If a moose approaches, back away immediately.
  • Be warned that bulls will defend their territory at all times, with increased aggression during the fall mating season, late September through November.

Signs of aggression in moose include raised hair on the neck, lowering the head and putting the ears back, swaying back and forth, snorting, and licking the snout.

If charged by a moose, get behind a large tree, rock, or other object if available, or run away if there is no cover available. If knocked down, get up quickly. If charged by a moose, report the incident to your regional WDFW office as soon as possible.


The ADA Youth Camp

Don visits NASCAR’s Michael McDowell

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fall fishing

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Broken Rods

A Favorite Fishing Rod Just Broke

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