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Top Five Ways to Stay Warm This Hunting Season

MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 1, 2022) – Don’t get caught in the cold this hunting season. Increase your time in the field with a few expert tips from hunter, TV Producer and mom, Melissa Bachman.

“The more comfortable you are, the longer you can stay out, which increases your chances of success,” Bachman says. “And when you’re warm, you move around less, which minimizes the risk of deer catching your movement.”

Melissa Bachman’s Top Five Ways to Stay Warm

Fuel Your Body.

Think of your body as a furnace. Keep providing fuel to burn if you want to stay warm. I like to bring several sandwiches along and often times wrap them in foil. If the temperature is well below zero, I place them inside my coat, so they don’t freeze in my backpack. Another great option is to place hot soup in a thermos. It’s tasty, easy, and warms you up quickly. Snacks like chips, candy, and trail mix are great but often come in very noisy wrappers. Place those items in individual zip lock baggies to keep noise down.

Hunt from a Blind.

hunters we always want the wind to be in our face, but when the freezing cold north wind blows, the elements become downright brutal in a tree stand. Have a few locations in mind where you have hard sided blinds or ground blinds already set up. They’ll provide a reprieve from the wind and rain: nothing chills you faster than wet clothes.

Bring a Heat Hog Heater.

A heater is your best friend during late season, especially when you’re in any sort of blind. Even in mildly chilly temperatures, a heater makes the entire sit more comfortable and enjoyable. It melts the frost off your windows in the morning to help you see out. Bring a towel to wipe down any condensation. And don’t forget extra propane tanks to keep that heater running. I’ve used heaters in both hard and soft-sided blinds for years and have come to really appreciate the extra warmth. Most importantly, a heater allows you to bring family and friends who may not otherwise join you in the cold. Learn more about Heat Hog by visiting

Keep Your Extremities Warm.

Hands and feet usually get cold first, and once that happens, you can’t think of anything else. I personally don’t like bulky boots or gloves, so I wear the thinnest gloves possible and very light insulated boots. Here’s how I stay warm. When I get to my stand, I place what I call boot blankets over the outside of my boots. They’re like big, oversized boot pillows that zip over my boots. If your boots are wet from snow, wipe the snow off and drop a hand warmer over the toe of your boot in between the boot blanket and the outside of your boot. If you put them inside your boot, they won’t get enough oxygen and will quit working. This works great and is easy to do once you’re on stand.

I don’t like wearing bulky mittens so for my hands, I wrap a hand muff around my waist and always have it on late season. I put two hand warmers in there right when I get out of the truck, so it’s nice and toasty within minutes. This allows me to wear thin gloves for shooting my bow or gun but keep my hands in the muff while sitting around waiting.

Layer Up.

Get the day started right and DON’T get hot and sweaty on the walk out. It makes the walk into your stand miserable and the rest of the day even worse. I like to wear light layers when I start out and carry my coat or tie it to my pack. I remove layers as I go to keep the sweat away. It’s worth the extra few minutes to stay dry.

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