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BASS Tournament Pro Daniel Elias

Daniel Elias is regarded as one of the best sight fisherman in bass fishing and is always a threat to win a tournament when bass are on the beds.

Daniel was introduced to bass fishing at 10 years old when he spent spring break with his grandfather who owned a small vacation home at Lake Mead. Daniel went up to visit his grandfather every chance he got just to get out on the boat and chase that elusive green fish all the way up until his grandfather passed away in 2000.

During his early teen years Daniel would have his Mom drop him off at Lake Pleasant for the day where he would walk the bank targeting spawning fish from shore. For his 11th birthday Daniel asked his father for a life membership to B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsmen’s Society) instead of requesting video game systems like all his friends. He has been a B.A.S.S Life Member ever since.

Daniel joined Apache Bass Club as a non-boater when he was 13 years old and through the club met his mentor and great friend Richard Saxon. Richard was a very accomplished angler and taught Daniel the ins and outs of tournament bass fishing.

When Daniel isn’t participating in fishing tournaments you will typically find him on the lake with his two dogs, Sasha and Roxie, both boxers.

Daniel is now sponsored by some of the best companies both inside and outside of the fishing industry and hopes to soon become a full-time touring professional.


Written by Don Mcdowell

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