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Don McDowell To Ride Along With U.S. Border Patrol

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Don McDowell (Shake, Rattle & Troll) has been cleared to ride with the U.S. Border Patrol out of the Ajo Border Patrol Station to survey the Cabeza Prieta Wild Life Refuge and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to survey the problems with the Arizona’s border to Mexico.

Arizona suffers in many ways with having an unsecure and open border with Mexico. Intrusion from Mexico, drug trafficking and invasion by illegal aliens into the United States creates matters of National Security, social and economic disdain. These issues, and more, are a matter of our concern for the majority of Americans.

The invasion into our southern Sonoran Desert, one of kind, has created severe impacts on wildlife, the habitat, water catchments and has increasing impacts on our ability to use and enjoy the southern reaches of our state. On the Arizona Game and Fish State Hunting Unit Map, the Department of Homeland Security is clearly issuing an alert to the quality of your experience as a visitor or hunter. DHS is, in effect stating, “You’ve Been Warned” by asking hunters to call 1 (800) BE-ALERT to report suspicious activity”.

Warning Zone Extends From New Mexico To California

Below the demarcation line we have sixteen hunting units with nine hunting units contiguous to the line above it. Geographically speaking, Arizona is comprised 113,998 Square Miles of area. Below the waring lines we have approximately 20,000 square miles in the affected hunting units area including the pernicious Tohono O’odham Nation which has a land mass of some 11,243+ square miles.

Arizona Warning Sign

The Nation has a 75 mile stretch of contiguous border with Mexico and very little regard for the authority of the USBP and is rumored to regularly support the illegal’s trafficking through the their land. It is estimated that a third of Arizona, some 38,000 square mile is actually plagued by illegal or undocumented activity.

Don McDowell’s mission objective in visiting the border lands is to access actual damage to the landscape and wildlife habitat (human trails, discarded clothing, trash and debris), the wildlife water catchments and factors that lead to additional stress on the wildlife species and perhaps those listed under the ESA. Determining the threats to sportsmen that may encounter the illegals, which some are armed some are not.

As sportsmen, how do we behave when encountering the illegals, how do we behave when encountering the USBP? What is the preferred USBP protocol of reporting our encounters with the illegals or other local authorities? Be advised that jurisdictions may change depending where you are and response time may be of paramount concern depending on the type of encounter you having.

Our mission and findings will be announced on video and publicized to help the sporting community have a quality outing and the ways and means to return home safely.


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