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Fish Monkey Gloves Go Down Range

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Fish Monkey Gloves Are Certified for the Hook & Bullet Club

ICAST Orlando Florida 2017 as always was attended with the expectations of finding new products with the “WOW” factor. This year was no exception, the “WOW” was found. But it was not rod, reel, lure nor line. It was a pair of gloves. Yeah, gloves. Go figure. Fish Monkey High Performance Fishing Gloves. My take away was a pair of Stubby Gloves, Half finger. UPF 50+ sun protection, Short (stubby) cut for increased comfort, Quick dry breathable fabric for all-day comfort, Superior construction for second skin fit and Non-slip silicone palm print for added comfort and support.

The gloves fit and perform as advertised and are great for fresh and salt water fishing most certainly. But that’s not where I stop. I’m an outdoorsman as well as an angler. I camp, scout, hunt, shoot and spend a tremendous amount of time in the outdoors on conservation projects and so on.

November rolls around and being fortunate to win a lottery draw antlered Mule Deer tag in my home unit 6B, central Arizona, mean elevation 6000’ +-, heavy ponderosa pine forest. So my first stop is the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, AZ Game and Fish Department in the Phoenix, AZ area.

My time on the range includes wearing some type of half fingered glove shooting the AR or AK platforms, long gun or hand guns. The Fish Monkey Stubby’s are my glove of choice and are also excellent for driving, comfortable to the point I just wear them.

Handling fire arms, long guns or hand gun wearing the Fish Monkey Gloves is natural transition of the grip capability of the gloves, the light weight and performance features they don’t talk about on their website. Positive non slip grip with .45 ACP or .40 SW is a must and the Fish Monkey palm grip provides just that.

Fish Monkey Gloves on the Hunt

Fish Monkey H&B Certificate

So Friday morning there I am in my hunting unit, drove most of the night, parked and set up in my first spot 4:48 AM. 27 degrees, wind calm, skies clear. Yep, wearing my Fish Monkey’s, most excellent for driving. After a short nap and moving at gray light, I glass about 3/8 of a mile to the west my binoculars came up to an area that had burned several years ago under some power lines on the edge of a canyon. I was shocked, my bino’s were full of antlers seeing multiple large Mule buck’s. The bino’s went down the M77 cross hairs came up and the old school Silver Tip went down range 143 yards impacting a large mature four point Mule buck. 7:10 AM opening morning my deer hunt concluded with my largest deer pulled out of that unit in my life time. After the kill the work begins and the Fish Monkey Gloves went clear to the end of the job only to come off for the gutting process. A brisk cold water washing cleaned them right up and the quick dry material was once again comfortable on the drive back to the taxidermist.

Fish Monkey Gloves have been tested and certified by the Shake Rattle and Troll Hook and Bullet Club for being the product they advertise and beyond. Like most outdoorsman and shooters I have paid the price for tactical gloves which just don’t hold up the quality of the Fish Monkey and crossover performance. I wear mine fishing, on the boat, in the truck, take them to the range and send hot lead down range with a positive non slip grip and comfortable feel.

All that said check the Fish Monkey website for the full line of gloves you’ll be surprised at what they have available as there are great choices with outstanding quality and value.

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