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How to Spool a Spinning Reel with Braided Line

When learning how to spool a spinning reel with braided line, be sure to start with the right amount and weight of line for the reel. Most spinning reels have the recommended line capacity and line rating printed right on the spool.

Why would you want to use braided line on a spinning reel? Many anglers feel that braid is the best fishing line for spinning reels since it casts farther and has more sensitivity than monofilament.

Step One

Use an arbor knot to attach and wind some 8 to 10-pound monofilament backing onto your reel. The exact amount of backing and line you should use when spooling a spinning reel will depend on the line capacity of the reel. As an example, plan on using about 20 to 30 yards of monofilament backing for a 2500 size reel that has a line capacity of 240 yards when spooled with 10-pound braided line (monofilament has a thicker diameter than braid).

This is one of the most important steps to remember when learning how to put line on a spinning reel because the monofilament backing will grip the arbor of the reel better than braid, which will prevent the braided line from slipping around the reel.

Step Two

Next, with the bail of the reel open, take the tag end of the braided line from the manufacturer’s plastic spool, thread it down through the rod guides, and then use a double uni knot to attach the tag end of the monofilament backing to the braided line (when practicing how to put line on a spinning reel, you may find that an Albright knot or blood knot works just as well, but the double uni is an easy knot to start with).

Step Three

Close the bail so that the reel is engaged, apply tension to the line, and wind the braided line off the plastic manufacturer’s spool and onto the reel spool over the monofilament. When learning how to spool a spinning reel with braid, it’s important that the line unwinds from the manufacturer’s plastic spool in a counterclockwise direction with the top of the spool facing you (label side up) to prevent any line twist.

Step Four

Continue putting line on a spinning reel spool until the braided line is within 1/8 of an inch from the edge.

Step Five

Once the spinning reel is fully spooled, cut the braid near the manufacturer’s plastic spool. After this final step, you can tie on a leader and your lure or fishing hook.

Now that you’ve learned the five steps associated with how to string a spinning reel with braid, you might also want to read about the advantages of using monofilament fishing line when offshore fishing.

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