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Preserving Our Right to Hunt, Trap and Fish

A Message from the President of the Arizona Deer Association

Once again we are entering the fall hunting season of this 2019 with a renewed since of commitment to maintain the Arizona Deer Association’s posture of Arizona’s premier deer organization.

During this past term the Arizona Deer Association achieved a milestone by participating in an historic Memorandum of Understanding with the Mule Deer Foundation and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. By staying engaged in the political processes and those of conservation, education of the public and the effort to preserve our right to hunt, trap and fish, we preserve our heritage for generations to come. We now have the ability to jointly engage in larger, long term flagship habitat enhancement projects that will serve all forms of wildlife far into the future and our generations to come.

As times continue to change and with the vision of our founding fathers in mind, the Arizona Deer Association will continue to take up the challenge to battle the forces and ideologies of those that politically want us off the landscape all together along those that are satisfied to abolish our hunting and second amendments rights all together.

We pledge to continue to develop new and stronger outreach programs for our youth hunting recruitment and to encourage hunters to maintain their heritage by becoming involved in the processes.

Stand with me as I extend an invitation to you to join and participate with us at the Arizona Deer Association and meet some very fine hunters and outdoors men and women dedicated in preserving our deer herds, wildlife, habitat and propagating the values of using our great outdoors and our heritage.


  • We are fighting back with new Landowner Relations Committee, long term HPC projects, specifically units 18A and 21 starting as early as 8-9-19 touring a portion of a 13 mile pipeline and drinker system to replace damages from recent wildfire.

  • New recruitment efforts are being made for the veteran community to join us in HPC efforts, getting the veterans in the field helping with wildlife projects as an alternative to self medicating etc., with the problems assimilating back into society after tours of duty.

Don McDowell President

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