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SRT Staff is Hot for Fish Monkey Gloves

The Story of Fish Monkey Gloves

No one is sure where the Fish Monkey first appeared. Some said it was in the mountainous jungles of Guatemala near the old Mayan ruins at Tikal, or at the foot of the volcano they call Fuego. Others said it was on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s famed Isle of Women. Still others reported seeing the mysterious creature in other places around the world: Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica.

But all the reports had one thing in common: wherever there was good fishing, the Fish Monkey was there as well. It was reported to have a phenomenal grip, stronger and more secure than any human could ever have. No matter how slick or slimy, the Fish Monkey could handle the situation with ease.

With those legends in mind, the founders of Fish Monkey Performance Gloves set about to replicate that world-famous grip. Fish Monkey is the world’s premier manufacturer of gloves designed specifically for the water. Whether you’re on the deck of a sport-fishing boat wiring a thousand-pound blue marlin off Bermuda, casting jigs and poppers to giant trevally in the Pacific or poling a flats skiff in less than a foot of water off the Bahamas, Fish Monkey has a glove that’s designed just to fit your needs. Extremely durable, with padding in just the right places, and a fit like a second skin. Protection from sharp teeth and the sun. And all with that legendary Fish Monkey grip.

So when you demand the very best protection for your hands, reach for Fish Monkey Performance Gloves. Become part of the legend.

The Phenomena of Fish Monkey Gloves at ICAST 2018

Fish Monkey a leading-edge angling glove and gear company talks growth and innovations

Destin, FL (July 23, 2018) – Fish Monkey is on a mission. In the space of just a year and a half, the fishing-focused glove and gear apparel company has made remarkable strides across the U.S. and well into international Sportfishing markets. Such observations turned into validations and endorsements during last week’s ICAST show, as crowds of visitors to the Fish Monkey booth rubbernecked to get a better view of the new, high-level fishing gloves and face guard products.

Fish Monkey is the Undeniable Buzz of a Brand on the Rise.

“Greatest ICAST show ever,” exclaims Fish Monkey president and principle product designer, Tim Mossberg. “I don’t’ think we had one single minute of downtime in our booth throughout the whole three-day event. We had such an incredible vibe happening in our booth, just an amazing amount of positive feedback from everyone — fly fishing specialists, bass tourney pros, inshore guides, offshore captains, as well as sales reps and retail buyers.”

A few of the sound bites heard on the ICAST floor:

“Without question, best gloves I have ever used,” said Jim Crowley, Hook & Hunt TV.

“These amazing gloves grip braided and fluorocarbon line for rigging or landing big fish, all while preventing damage or cuts to your hands,” observed Mark Davis, BigWater Adventures.

“Fish Monkeys are performance-enhancers on the water. They provide a better grip on my rod and the steering wheel and even enhance my hook-setting ability. They also protect my two most important fishing tools,” said Timmy Horton, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

Mossberg notes additional ICAST highlights:

Don McDowell and Tim Mossberg

“We were approached out of the blue by buyers from prestigious retailers and major distributors, too. They’d heard about our products and liked our aggressive approach to marketing, merchandising and our constant commitment to innovation. These are big wins for us, as well as the consumer who will have expanded access to our gloves and gear.”

“International interest was amazing, too, which just shows the reach of our message and quality of our products. We had great feedback from our sales representative covering Central and South America, plus lots of potential new accounts from Canada to South Korea to Japan.”

New for 2019 Freestyle Glove

On the product front, Fish Monkey has engineered and now offers the most complete and well-researched fishing glove line on the globe, with twenty different situation-specific glove designs. They have recently expanding into vented, breathable, sun-protecting Face Guards. And interest in several of Fish Monkey’s specialty gloves has been off the charts.

“The new Free Style Glove is already a big deal,” Mossberg notes. “It’s the first ever glove designed to allow the user to custom cut and expose only the fingers you need. We’ve had awesome feedback from bow and spear fishing folks as well as anglers, who love this design.

Free Style Glove

“We’re launching our new Tundra EX Series glove, specifically for ice anglers and winter sport enthusiasts. These gloves will be the warmest, driest, most fully functional cold-weather gloves to date. And our mix and match color products, including our new Voodoo Swamp patterns, are fast becoming the most in-demand glove-and-Face Guard combos on the water for 2019.

“We’re on to something good here. But we believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg. For example, we’re working on a new . . .” (We hit the mute button as Mossberg continues, keeping company secrets under wraps, for now.) But rest assured, this Monkey is on a mission.

For more information, visit or call (888) 659-8864.

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