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The Evolution Of The Lead Spoons or Flat Falls Continues

The evolution of the lead spoons or flat falls continues with local Striper Guide Derrick Franks, aka The Striper Snatcher. I told you previously of the 3” jig very effective in fresh and saltwater. Well he’s taken the lure to the next level, with the 5”, 130 gram version with high performance Daiichi saltwater hooks. The jigs performance on the fall is more erratic than any I ever seen or used. Like the 3” version, the Snatcher has standard colors and has the ability to custom finish with your secret color. Some of the new version will include a flash of metallic infused material “Flash Band” in the hydrodynamic recess on one side of the body. This really accentuates the flash and ultimately the bite. The jigs have been field tested in my favorite SRT color, silver with the black back, silver/black 3D eyes as late as this past Sunday producing up to 30 lbs class Yellow Tail in Mexican waters out of San Diego. Remember the fishing conditions where tough right after the storm passed. They crushed them and the Bonito. And with all successes, the words is out on these new Snatcher jigs, they’re selling like pancakes.

Local manufacturer and guide, Derrick, has stepped into a world dominated by mega giant lure companies to compete for a niche market, Franks was recently recognized by In Fisherman Magazine for his ability to not only find fish but to put them in the boat. You’ll find the Stripper Snatcher now on Bartlett as well as Pleasant. There’s not a tougher lake anywhere as Pleasant can be in December and the winter months, the 3” version is snatching fish out of 75 foot depths in the HumBug. This is the rule, not the exception for the new jigs. My guess is as the weather warms you’ll find him on the saltwater slamming tuna he calls it Research and Development…whatever he calls it, it’s working.

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