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A Lifetime Best 4pt Mule Deer for Don McDowell

4 Pt Mule Deer Near Flagstaff AZ

So Friday morning there I am in my hunting unit, drove most of the night, parked and set up in my first spot 4:48 AM. 27 degrees, wind calm, skies clear. Yep, wearing my Fish Monkey’s, most excellent for driving. After a short nap and moving at gray light, I glass about 3/8 of a mile to the west my binoculars came up to an area that had burned several years ago under some power lines on the edge of a canyon.

My Binoculars Were full of Antlers

I was shocked, my binoculars were full of antlers seeing multiple large Mule buck’s. The binoculars went down the M77 cross hairs came up and the old school Silver Tip went down range 143 yards impacting a large mature four point Mule buck. 7:10 AM opening morning my deer hunt concluded with my largest deer pulled out of that unit in my life time.

Silver Tip Expansion

Silver Tip Expansion

After the kill the work begins and the Fish Monkey Gloves went clear to the end of the job only to come off for the gutting process. A brisk cold water washing cleaned them right up and the quick dry material was once again comfortable on the drive back to the taxidermist.

Winchester 180 grain Silver Tips

Winchester 180 grain Silver Tips

The long gun of choice, just rebuilt over at Lookout Mountains Outdoors, Ruger M77 stainless action .30-06, which just received a muzzle brake, four post aluminum bedding, trigger job, adjustable cheek pad sniper type hardwood stock from Boyd’s Stock outfitted with an Explorer Big Bore Rifle Scope 6 x 24 powers with tactical turrets. After the bore sighting the M77 sighting in process went well, zeroing @ 100 yards the Winchester 180 grain Silver Tips. I did go to the old school and we shot Silver Tips, still do but hard to find. The expansion always has been excellent.

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