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Deer Decoy Hit and Run in Vermont

Here’s a mystery. What would possess someone to drive their Subaru Forester across a field at night and run over deer decoys?

From a Vermont press release:

An 18-year-old from Barre, Vermont has been charged with multiple offenses in connection with an incident involving deer decoys.

Three Vermont Fish and Wildlife State Game Wardens were conducting a deer decoy operation in Plainfield in the early morning of November 12, in response to multiple complaints of poaching activity in the area.

At 12:57 a.m., a vehicle turned into the field where the deer decoys were placed. The vehicle accelerated, turning its lights on and off as it ran over one of the decoys. One warden, who witnessed the event, communicated the activity to the other two wardens as the vehicle turned around and headed back toward the roadway.

Wardens attempted to stop the vehicle, but it turned off the roadway, crossed a private driveway, and hit a ditch before accelerating to speeds exceeding 70 mph. Two wardens briefly pursued the vehicle before the vehicle escaped.

Wardens examined the scene and discovered a left front fender of the vehicle had fallen off in the ditch. An internet query of the part number showed that the part belonged to a Subaru Forester. The next day, the local warden received an anonymous tip which produced the location of the Forester at a residence in Marshfield. The tip also provided information on the person involved, who was residing in Barre.

On November 14, three wardens located a Subaru Forester with a missing left front fender at the Marshfield residence. Deer hair was found on the front bumper of the vehicle. Two wardens interviewed the 18-year-old, who admitted to the crimes.

This individual will appear in Family Court to answer for multiple offenses.

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