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The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Randy breaks down the 5 phases of elk hunting with easy to understand explanations

As Randy Newberg, Hunter, explains in his video’s, to be successful at hunting elk, you need to find an elk. To do that, you need to understand the needs of elk and where they go to satisfy those needs. This series is sponsored by Leupold Optics.

In this video of the series, Randy covers what you need to know about the late season. This starts around November 1st through the rest of the open hunting season. The late season is very similar to the post rut but there are a few differences. One difference, is the bulls often go from being solo to starting to regroup into bachelor groups.

The other difference is that their sanctuary is going to be lower on the transition range compared to the post rut. The highest priority in this season is still sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary. To find a bull elk, you need to find an area far away from hunters due to either distance or topography.


In addition, 10-time World Elk Calling Champion, Corey Jacobsen, walks you through the most important aspects of learning to use diaphragm elk calls.

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