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The Optimism of a Pro-Woofer

The Mexican Gray Wolf Spoof is About Dollars, Not Animals

My Pragmatic View of the Obvious: My story is that we, some 40 Hook & Bullet groups, admittedly agreed to support the Game & Fish department for a Mexican Gray Wolf population of up to 350 Mexican Gray Wolf’s split between Arizona & New Mexico. New science was presented on the Mexican Gray Wolf genetics, proving at least to me that the first 5-7 breeder stocks were a combination ot Mexican Gray Wolf and Dog. That pretty much took away the ability of genetic recovery. Not ever going to happen. Then there’s the notion that Mexico would assist in the so called recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolf. The pro-woofer’s are still dictating to the FWS and demanding to the states that recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolf be made in the US when clearly 90% of the historic range was in Mexico. US populations should not exceed 5%. So years and millions of dollars later, and still no plan, we get a number of population caps and lip service from Mexico. We the sportsmen that are engaged are raising millions of dollars to enhance habitat for all GOD’s creatures and set the buffet table for the Mexican Gray Wolf in Arizona and New Mexico.

These woofs need to be delisted and current populations managed by the states; U.S. breeding programs curtailed and the balance of US sheltered Woofs sent to Mexico.

Taking it a step further, to strip away the management powers from the USFWS and USFS and to include the BLM until such time they can prove budget management abilities and abilities to management what is currently on their plate.

Ask the question of the service of how much money has been spent on the Mexican Gray Wolf program, how money was taken from Pittman Robertson monies that was supposed to go to states management, how much sue and settle money has been paid out in lawsuits under EAJA, and, in fact, ask the DOJ how much money has been paid to CBD in court settlements.

The answers you get will be “crickets”

So why do we keep setting the buffet table for woofs, any kind of a woof?

Enough has finally arrived.

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